UMBUZÖ Antique Red Distressed Wood Desk

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Measurements shown: 48 x 23”. This reclaimed wood desk has been finished to an antique red color reminiscent of classical Chinese furniture. The color variation as shown is versatile in many settings including modern, mid modern century, classic, and traditional.

Important: The table top and legs are shipped separately, and basic assembly is required. As this is a multi part shipment, some packages may arrive a day or two earlier than others. Since this item is made with reclaimed wood there is a possibility that the seam may appear to show a settling crack on arrival or a few weeks after delivery. This is normal and non-structural. We will provide a free repair kit to fill any minor cracks in the seam. Pilot holes for leg placement are not pre-drilled, and pre-drilling is not suggested. Screws and instructions are provided. Due to this being a solid wood product, a power tool for secure attachment is always recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I needed.

Simple, nice size. We got red and love the color. Very easy to put together. Feels sturdy.

Becca S.

Shipping was very fast, and I was actually kind of glad the legs shipped separately (they arrived first). It is an incredibly beautiful and solid piece. It is going to be a well loved art desk. Update: Seller was very quick to respond and will be sending a repair kit.


What I wanted - a unique 60” red desk that would match my cobbled together industrial aesthetic. What I got - an unbelievably gorgeous piece of furniture that was easy to assemble and looks stunning. When I unwrapped the wood from its packaging, I was near speechless at how much I loved it IRL. Communication was stellar. I messaged the seller about leg options before purchasing, and they responded super quick. The piece was wrapped and protected well (and FedEx did a good job putting that packaging thru the ringer; I expected this bc off the weight & size). It took me about 1/2 an hour to put together bc I wanted to make sure I did it well. I used a power drill to pre-drill holes, and the longest part of this process was measuring & marking where I wanted them, then pre-drilling. Seriously, I’m blown away by this desk.