Modern Farmhouse Table with Bench - Farmhouse Dining Set

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This item comes in the stain shown. If you would like a custom stain, please also purchase this listing and make your selection here:

Measurements shown: 72 x 30 x 30"h.

Chairs not included - Table and Bench only!

One bench is included with this listing. Bench shown is 60 x 14" and will be 12" narrower than the width of your table. For example, if you order a 48 x 30" table, you will receive a 36 x 14" bench. The standard stain is Pickled Oak as shown, please make note if you would like a different stain selection. The legs for the bench will always be the "U" bench legs.

This contemporary yet rustic dining table is versatile with different chairs and is as fitting in an apartment as it is in a rustic log cabin. It resembles a modern take of a farmhouse dining table with its rustic appearance and rich color tones and accented with the crips lines of the black powder coated steel legs. 

This beautiful dining table can be used as a kitchen table, canteen table, general purpose table such as a desk or even a bar table. We have gone through great lengths to deliver a quality product that can't be found elsewhere. All UMBUZĂ– products come with a lifetime guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: Table top and legs are shipped separately, basic assembly is required. As this is a multi part shipment, some packages may arrive a day or two earlier than others. Since this item is made with reclaimed wood there is a possibility that the seam may appear to show a settling crack on arrival or a few weeks after delivery. This is normal and non-structural. We will provide a free repair kit to fill any minor cracks in the seam. Markings for suggested leg placement will be present, but this item is NOT pre-drilled. Pre-drilling is not suggested or necessary. Due to this being a solid wood product, a power tool for secure attachment is always recommended. 

Customer Reviews

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Katie Januszewicz
This table is LEGIT!

I am so happy with my purchase! This table is LEGIT! As stated- the pieces do come separately, but very easy to put together. I loved the stain I chose (I think it was called american)...definitely completes my country chic dining experience haha. The only issue I had was that one of the table legs was missing a floor protector, but that was easily replaced. This table will be with me for a long time! Very happy with this purchase :)


I did extensive research before finding Umbuzo Rustic on Etsy. The reclaimed, ethically sourced, real wood really appealed to me, as did the fact that I was supporting small business during trying times. I ended up purchasing my Modern Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Set through the Umbuzo website, as Etsy upcharges for use of their site. Didn't make a difference either way to me. I placed my order in the end of July 2020 and was excited to receive my shipping notification after about two weeks. Upon delivery notification for all components (legs, table top, bench top) I was stressed to find that only the parcels with the legs had shipped. I was so worried, as I thought someone may have stolen my package before I could get home. I contacted customer service, who was responsive and confirmed that the lost items actually never left the warehouse and FedEx given inaccurate information. Not a huge deal, but definitely a bit stressful on such a large purchase (for me).

Once receiving the item, I quickly noticed the craftmanship was not what I'd hoped on the table top and bench. While clearly sanded and smoothed, I had to sprinkle a bit of water on the table top to confirm there was in fact stain on the table, as it was so light (did the standard pickled oak). There was not a professional protective stain or finish that I was hoping for - honestly, it looked like someone had glued some Lowe's two by fours together, sanded it down, and glued together. What really irks me is that the bench isn't level and that the wood glue used between the pieces is crumbling (see close up pictures), where you can see through to the floor in some spots. To boot, the predrilled holes for the legs weren't placed accurately, so I have legs that look wonky on one side until I re-drill them, which will leave unsightly holes on the bottom. Lastly, the (already very light) stain on the table edges is patchy, and the texture very rough, where it's not been sanded and smoothed, again contributing to the unfinished look. From a distance, these tables look fresh and contemporary, as advertised, but if really looking at the detail, I'm sadly not impressed. In looking at their listings now, I can see multiple listings with different descriptions using the same product pictures from other listings. It seems sketchy to me, like they are just cranking these out using buzz words (*modern*, *farmhouse*, *contemporary*) to push out low quality products.

Given both the shipping snafu and the quality of the product, I'm pretty disappointed with my purchase for the money I spent. Every time I walk by it, I wonder if I could've made a better choice. I hesitated making this review, which is why I waited so long, because I hate to talk negatively about someone's work, but when I see glossy pictures of similar products come up I wonder if I was just fooled or scammed to think this table would be of higher quality. If you're in the market for this type of product, I'd encourage you to either adjust your expectations if going with Umbuzo or consider other more expensive options on Etsy. I wish I'd contacted customer service sooner, but it had already been a hassle and I was in the process of moving. Proceed with caution!