UMBUZÖ Solid Wood Desk - Home Office Desk

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This item comes in the stain shown. If you would like a custom stain, please also purchase this listing and make your selection here: 


Measurements shown: 48" x 23" x 30"h. This distressed wood desk has been finished to an Early American finish that shows multiple tones of color offering versatility to fit in with virtually any color scheme. If you would like a different color, please make a note at checkout referring to the color chart.

Modern steel legs with utility hooks provide extra desk functionality to store or hang items such as headphones, cables, and bags etc.

Sealed with a non toxic satin sealant for everyday wear.

Important: The table top and legs are shipped separately, and basic assembly is required. As this is a multi part shipment, some packages may arrive a day or two earlier than others. Since this item is made with reclaimed wood there is a possibility that the seam may appear to show a settling crack on arrival or a few weeks after delivery. This is normal and non-structural. We will provide a free repair kit to fill any minor cracks in the seam. Pilot holes for leg placement are not pre-drilled, and pre-drilling is not suggested. Screws and instructions are provided. Due to this being a solid wood product, a power tool for secure attachment is always recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Brandy Williams

Absolutely perfect! Easy assemble 😁


Super happy with both the quality and the shipping speed of the desk! Came within a week of ordering, perfect sizing and the desk will last a lifetime. Can't go wrong with solid wood and steel.


Overall: This desk is great and I'd buy it again. Pros: Headphone mounts, prompt shipping, quick to assemble without power tools, wood is soft enough to screw mount items by hand, and its color matches the pictures. Cons: My keyboard and trackpad rock slightly at a few spots that aren't perfectly flat. The lacquer's odor is still present 1.5 weeks later, though it's getting better. The edge my wrist rests on is slightly rough/sharp, making it a tad unpleasant. None of these were enough to remove a star, but they were enough to note. Other info: The finish appears (at least to me) to be a satin or semi-gloss. FedEx left the boxes without a signature and banged one so badly that I filmed myself opening it as proof they damaged it, but Umbuzo did such a great job packing it that I couldn't find a single scratch.


This is perfect for what I needed and looks great in the spot is in! Absolutely perfect. The desk arrived quickly and in great shape! It does not have any rough spots and is heavy duty. I spent the same price as I would have paid for a fake wood desk at a bigger distributor. This is higher quantity and it is made in America!


It was very fast and helpful on getting the best color match. It looks a bit too distressed (damaged?) in one particular spot that would probably bother an adult but my 12 year old said he did not care! The underside does not look nice, but I guess that doesn’t matter.